My first time seeing a dying patient felt surreal

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Where do writers draw the line

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We’re only human

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To be dangerously in love

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Take these lessons into 2021.

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Security is an illusion.

2020 showed how exposed and vulnerable we are as humans. It didn’t take much to tip the balance between order and chaos. Our routines were interrupted and for a time the only constant was confusion. Many people lost their jobs and…

And they want to teach

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The room

When you walk into the white-walled anatomy area you’ll experience two things. The first is the strong smell of formaldehyde, the chemical used to preserve cadavers. It’ll hit you in the back of your throat before settling into your stomach. As the session…

The epidemic before the pandemic.

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I mean it, I want to help you (for free)

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I pleaded not guilty

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This is getting really, really weird

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Zed Bee

I’m a former doctor turned writer/content creator. I write topics on self-help, lifestyle, and the weird and wonderful. My website:

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